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Another sunday at the Childrens Gardening Club


We’ve (that is myself and my four year old son) been going to a childrens gardening club for quite a few weeks now. It started in chilly March and now we’re starting to see results!
We have a laugh (the parents enjoy it just as much, if not more… than the kids sometimes) – and occasionally my little boy just wants to run around or dig for worms, but the important thing is, he’s learning about how food is grown. The children are all mortified and excited by the fact they’re ¬†gardening with ‘horse poo.’ Today we learnt that our beans had been attacked by rabbits, so we moved the hazel poles into another spot in a ‘less secluded’ spot! Gardening is always trial and error. Out of all the modules the kids had planted out, the marrows, squash, sweetcorn and courgettes were flourishing – perhaps because the seed is bigger and easier for small fingers to handle.

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed picking salad, oriental leaves, spinach, radish and then cooking it back at home. Perfect Sunday morning…

Ruby Red Radishes.


The Secret Vegetable garden…

If you walk down Rochester high street in Kent, you may notice a hairdressers called,’The Cutting Crew.’ This is no ordinary hairdressers – hidden away behind the back of the shop is a walled vegetable garden that has been brought to life and tended by ‘man-about-town’, club promoter, sharp dresser, hairdresser, gardener and vintage clothing expert Steve Riddle.

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Less than a year ago this garden was an overgrown junkyard, full of nettles and weeds. Steve decided to clear it out and the results are astounding. In less than a year he’s created a mini allotment. It’s become a real talking point in the community and customers are now coming in and swapping seeds and plants. Steve and his colleagues have given lots of their produce to local businesses, as well as having tasty supplies for lunch in the back garden! Everything is organically grown, the soil was already fertile, because nothing was growing there apart from nettles which fertilised the soil every year.

Beetroot, radishes, cabbage, onions, sweetcorn, courgettes, herbs, rocket, potatoes, carrots, pak choi, squash, strawberries and french beans are all growing in abundance. Not a bad crop for the first year eh?! Even the scarecrow is suitably stylish – clad in 70’s retro and a Chinese straw hat. When the weather turns, Steve’s going to put her in a sowester and matching rain hat!

A stylish scarecrow