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Product Review: Waspinator

I don’t know about you, but I dread wasp season. August is the worst month for these little critters. They zoom around, land on your sandwiches, hover around picnics, land on the childrens’ icecreams and cause misery and havoc for people like me…

Earlier on this year I spotted a new product which offered a glimmer of hope: ‘The Waspinator.’ Or ‘The Amazing Waspinator,’ if you go by the packaging.

The 'Amazing Waspinator'

Anyway, the waspinator attracted me because it claims you can enjoy wasp free BBQ’s, picnics and drinks. You can even hang it in your loft or garage to help prevent wasps nesting. The theory is, that it looks like an enemy nest – so wasps will stay well away wherever you put it.

The Waspinator hung on a tree

You can see it above hung on a tree. It’s easy to assemble – like an upside down drawstring bag. So, my fellow wasp haters, what happened next?

Well, I took it to our garden table and hung it above a particularly annoying wasp that was crawling on a speck of food. Did the wasp turn on its heel? Did it hell… It actually flew onto the waspinator and perched ontop of it. I’m hoping this is an initial response and the wasps will actually be repelled by this (otherwise I’ve wasted my money). I’m open minded and hope it will work. So, I’ve hung it near to the compost bin and the outside eating area.

I’ll update with any improvements…fingers crossed.

The Waspinator cost me £12.95 for a pack of two