About me

Hello and welcome to girlwithaspade. This blog has developed from a love of gardening, nature, wild flowers, places of special interest and the outdoors in general.  I’m a communicator, an ideas person, an organiser, an urban gardener, and grow-your-own enthusiast. I deliver workshops and one-off events for both children and adults alike, specialising in community initiatives. My background is journalism and the fashion/lifestyle industry, (I have worked on a variety of national newspapers, consumer magazines and websites).

After completing a course in Horticulture and simultaneously ditching designer jeans for packets of seeds, I can honestly say that I’ve never looked back! Please contact me to see some of my work. I have also written two books (arts & community engagement) which won an award at the Medway Design and culture awards. www.madeinmedway.com

My original degree was Textiles (BA Hons). I also have a Masters Degree in Fashion, and a PGCE in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (which I put to good use running community workshops). I am also currently working with the Kent Wildlife Trust writing and developing their promotional material and the empty shops network. Recent projects include Pier Day, Worthing and community gardening at Workshop 24, South Kilburn, London. Check out Workshop 24

On this blog, it’s not really about self-promotion. Some of the content is cathartic, photographic and general things that inspire me. I meander my way through different subjects, mainly about gardening, garden visits, trials and tribulations, wildlife, community projects, family chaos, tips and tricks, recipes, plants and flowers; things that make life worth smiling about…I live in the UK (South East) with my other half and two beautiful children under four.

Girl with a spade

I find gardening enjoyable and to be honest, a bit of a life saver. As a working mum of two under four, it’s a small slice of heaven. So, I like to grow things. My children are now excellent diggers, worm diggers, sprinklers and garden critics now! Thanks for dropping by!

Drop me a line (don’t be shy!): info@girlwithaspade.com


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